It’s amazing how banal shocking things can become if you’re inured to them.

Today at work we had to call the cops to arrest someone. This homeless transgender keeps setting up camp on our property after being served trespass and warned repeatedly about violating it. No real danger or anything, she’s just a mouthy pain in the ass. Anyways, like always she takes her sweet time, so we end up having to clean up her encampment with the cops. Her weed and her meth stash goes straight in the trash, because damned if anyone is going to be arsed going through that disgusting mess to stack charges.

While we’re doing that, another old homeless dude comes in from the bushes of the park across the street. His skin, clothes and old rolling suitcase is fucking caked in dried blood. Luckily he’s just here to bitch to the cops about another homeless dude that robbed and stabbed him last night. I have no idea how the geezer is still ambulant. I’m just glad it didn’t happen on our side of the property line, otherwise more work. The cops note that the old guy already made a report last night, and the old guy seems pissed that they’re not going to comb through the bush to find the guy who knifed him, and he walks off saying “If I find that haole motherfucker, he’s done!” All the cops do is yell at him for jaywalking back to the park side of the street.Later a nice toyota passes by on the street, and the driver slows down to roll open the window and yell “You guys suck!” before driving off.

All in all pretty boring day seeing people doing people things in this fine land of ours.