Okay, this is probably going to be a short one unfortunately. Sleep deprivation and a buzz don’t really mix well when it comes to mental accuity, so I’m going to try to keep it to the point.

I’ve posted twice about Suzukagawa before, the local sake brewed up in Shiroko, down by the seaside. Recently they put out the last batch of winter’s production (sake is best produced during winter) to coincide with Hanami (the traditional time to enjoy sake). Their Junmai Daiginjo usually sells out pretty quickly, and I grabbed the last bottle on the shelf. Junmai signifies that the sake is made without any added alcohol at the end of the process (which is not a bad thing, just a taste thing) and Daiginjo means that the rice grain is polished until a minimum of 60% of the outer part is gone. Compared to Ginjo sake, the taste is lighter and more complex.

Unfortunately, this stuff is so good, I’ve already consumed over the limit of where my sense of smell and taste can catch every nuance, so I’ll do my best for now. This stuff is eminently drinkable, as all Daiginjos should be. Like a good white wine, it’s very easy to overdo, but like any high quality sake, it’s a velvet hammer, clean and cool.

The color is clear, with a very slight yellow tinge. The smell is quite light as well, reminiscent of apples, honeydew melon and flowers (I’m not good at sussing out specific flower smell, not being a particular aficianado of them… yet). The taste is light and crisp, yet with the characteristic heavy mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste of Suzukagawa, though both pleasant. The taste is much like the smell, though with a slight citrus touch and a heavier presence of flowers (wildflowers maybe?). In all, recommended, particularly when fresh.

Yeah, Part II of Nara will come sometime. Wait for it.