I just finished reading “Heart of Darkness”. Damn, now that’s a good book. It’s hard to believe that Conrad didn’t start to learn English until well into his teens. Makes me a bit depressed about the level of my Japanese and Spanish.

In any case, I begin to see why PC types hate the novel. It ain’t the portrayal of the natives and women (though I agree that they’re more or less just stock characters, though some with more dignity and nobility than most of the white traders portrayed). It’s that the whole novel just shits on the idea of the sort of moral preening they engage in. Colonization was the extraction of physical capital sold as the civilizing of savages. Now we have the extraction of political and financial capital sold as moral correction of global inequity.

From bringing in the sheep and white man’s burden, to floating all boats and saving the world.

Yeah, I’m going there. I’m getting more conservative as I age.

I also care less about blogging than I used to. I mean, it’s really the hallmark of someone who really really wants people to know what he thinks. I can’t even work up the energy to post liquor reviews anymore.

I’ll try to change that. The end goal being of course filthy lucre.