Well, I have until April 15th to e-mail my resume and cover letter in, but I meant to do it this weekend. What can I say? Drinking, music and cherry blossoms intervened.

Despite coming from a place reknowned for its floral excess, I have to say cherry blossoms really take the cake for breathtaking beauty. Spring is an amazing season. This is my first real one, as my previous ones were in Phoenix (which as you can guess doesn’t have much of one) and downtown Seattle, far from any real wooded area.

Also been thinking about writing, I’m torn between written really straight narrative fiction and more experimental stuff. I have ideas for both, and really both sections are not completely separated in my mind. Really been dwelling on Jidaigeki (Edo period stuff, you know, Samurais and all that good stuff) and Western genre fiction. Going back to an old thing I first started outlining almost 10 years ago, which attempted to combine the two genres. Never actually wrote a single word of it, though. Just story arcs and character profiles. I always wanted it to be a graphic novel as opposed to a story.

I should mention that instead of getting cracking on my job hunt I’m watching lots of reruns of old period pieces on Japanese TV early in the morning. Some seriously bad ass stuff, including one about an almost Dirty Harryesque renegade Buddhist Monk who kills miscreants with his bare hands. The theme song is almost like a cross between a Spaghetti Western soundtrack and traditional Japanese music. Gotta find the title and clips of it to post.

I took  lots of pictures of the blossoms. Maybe I’ll post ’em sometime.

Till then, I’m left to ponder questions such as “How does one defeat the demon procrastination” and “Is a two page resume permissable?”

Tomorrow, yeah?