The screen flickers, the light dims, a door opens somewhere. Footsteps click against the tile.
A deep voice sounds.
“Are you ready?”
I respond without turning to face him. I look to the floor, then wring my hands.
“Yes, it is time. I hope to do you justice.”
A basso profundo laugh.
“Do me justice? I’ve been waiting a long time to render you.”
I look up into the dark, and see a glint of light shine off his teeth and then his glasses. He turns on the light.
“No sly comparisons to a certain cat, it’s trite.”
“Trite is all I know how how to do.” I smile at him. “It’s all you know how to do as well.”
He sits across from me, the light fades to darkness again.
“So, you’ve forgotten then…” I will his face to appear from the dark. “…that ‘I am another’?”
“I can’t remember.”
He hisses. “Lies. Confabulations. Tall Tales… Fibs.”
I stand up and look into the abyss. “Enough of this, let’s take this back to reality, shall we?”
“But you have so much fun filching from Artaud and Beckett!”
“And jerking off to a Thesaurus. But let’s stop hesitating. Let’s begin!”