I’ve always mocked people who wrote down plans of action. Even for an OCD guy like myself, it seemed a bridge too far. Well, I’m desperate. I need to tie all the shit together and get it *done*. Today’s my birthday, and this last year has mostly been pissed away. So here it is, a cogent plan of action:

1. Practice Playing music one hour a day. Start by taking uke to work, practice downstairs during lunch hour instead of assing around reading the news. On arriving home, practice the Bass or work on recording with the DAW and synth set.

2. Set aside one hour a day to writing. Part of that time should be spent editing rough ideas into finished works. No more piles of lyrics on scrap paper, without progressions or choruses. Finish something, for God’s sake. You can do it!

3. Set aside one hour a day towards practical learning. At least one day a week spent on electronics and circuit building, one day on learning Hawaiian and Portuguese, or reviewing Japanese and Spanish. , one day on music theory, one day on extraneous topics unrelated to the major ones.

4. One hour on non-applied brain stimulation. This includes reading novels, or poetry, playing Go or Shogi, various forms of meditation/focusing/reflection.

5. Focus on varying workout routines, and avoiding injury, transition from 15 pound dumbells to 20 pounds, train for next years Hana Relay Race. Either join Y for pool use or District park for weight room.

Proper time management is necessary. For this reason, I will strive to:

1.Avoid all blogs dealing with matters of policy or public and political opinion. This includes links posted on Facebook. Reading them is far too much of a timesuck, and often doesn’t do me any good creatively.

2. Avoid Game blogs. I’m pretty much done with women. No further need to study this.

3. Avoid Civilization IV and other games I know will eat my brain and my time.

4. Avoid following the news at all. Because seriously, there’s nothing worth reading in there anymore. Like I need reasons to feel hopeless and disgusted?

5. Recognize I’m biting off a huge chunk and that failure to reach one of these goals is not an excuse to give up on all of them two or three weeks in.

6. First off, get my room in a state to get this done. Right now my room is a whirlwind of instruments, sheet music, drafts, letters, exercise equipment and books. This is the hardest part.

7. Stop pretending I can ween myself off Cracked, online comics and Facebook. It’s a timesuck, yes. But I need the fucking brainless amusement. There’s no way a person can live without some of that shit daily.