I know recently I had a bit of a fit of drama and said I quit all politics online, except indirectly in music, but the truth, I was thinking about it and talking about it with people I have known for quite some time. Just tonight I had a long involved conversation with someone I’ve known online for years, who doesn’t share much in common with my personal beliefs, where I hashed out a bit of the conclusions I have made in the past and just recently. With his permission, I’m going to post the chat. I’ve edited it so that certain biographical details about him and a third person I talked to are blocked out or made more general. I’m the Rimbaud guy, the other guy I put asterisks for his name because I don’t want people possibly bothering him.

******* 7:03 pm
It’s getting better.
Rimbaud971 7:05 pm
Yeah, I found my sense of self much improved when I reconciled who I am with my roots. Still some dissonance, but then I find the dissonance is rooted in the history of many of the people in the history of here.
******* 7:05 pm
Yeah. Things have been fucked up, they’re getting better, the dysfunctional elements are dhying out thanks be given to globalization, and I no longer have to keep reacting the way I did there. Past reflexes, no longer useful.
Rimbaud971 7:08 pm
Eh… but globalization is a universal acid.
It dissolves the good away along with the bad.
***** 7:09 pm
Nothing’s perfect.
And the tendency is for Canadian Province to seek valdation of their insular identity through a peculiarly split-minded identification of the ***** as traditional and this tradition to be validated by visitors.
It works enough.
Rimbaud971 7:10 pm
No, nothing is. Nor is it stoppable, I finally realized.
When one attempts to fight against it, one goes only to psychosis.
I was discussing this with ******.
Rimbaud971 7:12 pm
You remember him from all those years ago?
****** 7:12 pm
How is he doing?
Rimbaud971 7:12 pm
Well, he’s… to the right of brevik.
Not evil, mind you. He’s as shocked as all normal humans are.
In fact there were several years I didn’t talk to him till my politics drifted to the right.
****** 7:14 pm
Indeed. I remember his old blog.
It could have been more … artful.
Rimbaud971 7:14 pm


****** 7:14 pm
:: nods::
Rimbaud971 7:15 pm
****** 7:15 pm
I did not know that.
Rimbaud971 7:15 pm
Yeah, it’s why he’s so transhumanist.
****** 7:15 pm
Makes sense.
Rimbaud971 7:15 pm
Rimbaud971 7:17 pm
Anyways, it hit me as I’m talking to him.
****** 7:17 pm
Rimbaud971 7:17 pm
Here he is, a Norwegian nationalist, talking to me a Hawaiian nationalist in English.
Neither of us was raised in the folkways of our nations, and in fact, are a bit disdainful of certain aspects. He, for all his dislike of immigrants isn’t into a single damn Norwegian thing. Me, I’m into music, but I can’t even speak pidgen naturally.
****** 7:19 pm
Rimbaud971 7:20 pm
We are globalized. Me to the extent that I can’t speak hawaiian above a small child’s level and speak formal English and not pidgen English.
What we nationalist conservatives suffer from is a complete disconnect from authenticity.
Rimbaud971 7:21 pm
And that this disconnect is attempted to be filled with radicalism and revisionism.
We attempt to find scapegoats for our lack of connection to the world, and from there, the path to nihilism is very easy.
Dostoevsky wrote of it and now I finally *get* it.
****** 7:23 pm
Yugoslavia as paradigm for the future?
Rimbaud971 7:23 pm
Pretty much.
Rimbaud971 7:23 pm
I’m sorry to say, but globalization is cyclical.
****** 7:24 pm
Two steps forward. one back, overall?
But,yes. I fully expect wackiness in the future.
Rimbaud971 7:25 pm
Well, that it is ultimately successful.
But it’s success is it’s own downfall.
Rome, China, and now the world Pax Americana has wrought.
Languages, cultures and religions washed away by the overwhelming tide of a culture that assimilates and dissolves at the same time.
***** 7:27 pm
Or, at least, on the sort of changes.
Rimbaud971 7:28 pm
Well, neither the Romans or the Chinese really had to force people.
****** 7:29 pm
Greater homogenization, but nothing like a planet-state.
Rimbaud971 7:29 pm
Of course not, hence the cyclical nature of it.
In the end it runs up against human nature, our Dunbar number.
Rimbaud971 7:31 pm
It succeeds because we as humans wish to be successful and a successful culture is one that we take up.
But it fails because eventually our human desire for communitas asserts itself.
****** 7:31 pm
For a gemeineschaft?
Rimbaud971 7:32 pm
Pretty much.
Rimbaud971 7:33 pm
Something greater than the individual at least. Something that outlasts itself, that is connected to a tangible past and a visible future.
****** 7:33 pm
Like purifying Christendom of the Mosselman and reclaiming the holy cities of the East?
As a worst-case scenario, mind.
But best-case, something much less complicated.
Less fluid, more static.
Rimbaud971 7:34 pm
If you can’t have an idyll in the fjords where your grandpa met your grandma, and you will meet your lifemate…
I think Breivik’s personal history is very telling in this.
His youth was completely atomized.
****** 7:35 pm
And then, in reaction … ?
Rimbaud971 7:35 pm
An attempt to build something… through destruction.
The current order failed him, hence he must destroy the visible symbols of the current order.
Nothing else would suit a calculating fantascist with such an ego.
Rimbaud971 7:38 pm
Whatever his lack of humanity, he did not lack for brains.
****** 7:38 pm
His planning was impressive.
Rimbaud971 7:38 pm
In fact his is not the sort of psychopathic amorality. His is the sort of twsited morality that one sees in revolutionaries.
Hitler, Che, so on and so forth.
That’s how one can reconcile what people said about his past where he defended the bullied kids.
Rimbaud971 7:40 pm
In his mind, with the help of what was a very large ego, he was serving justice.
One can perhaps imagine him saying to a bleeding teen begging for his life “I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal, it just must be done.”
Sorry, I’m going into some very dark places here.
****** 7:42 pm
Um, no.
****** 7:42 pm
I think you’re right.
What do you think of the whole counterjihadist thng?
Rimbaud971 7:43 pm
For the most part windbags and blowhards. The visible ones aren’t the ones to be scared of.
What I’m very happy for is that I didn’t go down that path. It was a close call in certain respects.
Rimbaud971 7:45 pm
I suppose what saved me is the fact that despite there being no Hawaiian nation per se, a language and people on life support, is that it’s really channeled towards building and preserving.
All these counterjihadists, there’s nothing being built or preserved. I don’t know why.
I guess because they find their actual culture rather dull and uninspiring?
****** 7:47 pm
Fjordman’s plans are singularly uninspiring.
Rimbaud971 7:47 pm
Or I suppose they are a symptom of globalization, where there are no real roots for them to latch on to. They don’t really have a geneology or a sense of place.
It’s all ideology.
In some ways, before the shit went down, I criticized the White Nationalist contingent on the blogs I was on.
Rimbaud971 7:49 pm
“You’re just replacing global multiculturalism with multiculturalism restricted to whites.”
That essentially healthy nationalism isn’t founded on principle and ideas, but a place and a shared experience.
****** 7:50 pm
Rimbaud971 7:51 pm
Moreover, it doesn’t require revolution, it, for better or worse, just is.
You go somewhere and the people have their language, their music, their npractices.
****** 7:52 pm
You don’t need to make anything up, to establish and reinforce arbitrary difference.
Rimbaud971 7:52 pm
Pretty much. It is, as a function of geography, language, practice and people.
Hell, it’s not even very based on shared race in my book.
A white guy from the rural south has more culturally in common with a black guy from the rural south than either has with their ethnic cohorts in say urban Boston.
Rimbaud971 7:55 pm
Nor am I arguing for people to be locked into what they’re born into.
****** 7:55 pm
Rimbaud971 7:55 pm
That’s what cities have been for, for ages.
****** 7:56 pm
Rimbaud971 7:56 pm
Granted, some of these cultures are going to be shitty.
I wouldn’t want to live in rural Saudi Arabia.
Rimbaud971 7:57 pm
But the fact is, most people who live in such a place… well, they don’t leave.
The trouble, as I see it, and you’ll probably disagree with me at this point, is that we tend to do things like undermine those shitty if previously stable cultures with globalization, as well as move mass amounts of people from these cultures wholesale into a very different cultural situation.
Rimbaud971 8:00 pm
Internal and external tension is the result.
It leads to the development of virulent, destructive ideologies in an attempt to reconcile modernity with the cultural dissonance.
Rimbaud971 8:02 pm
Anti-jihadism, Neo-Naziism, Qutubism, Hindutva, are all universalist movements that ironically promise a return to a gloried and/or orderly past.
Mainly because something like simply being Scottish or Norwegian doesn’t have the ability to explain and scapegoat what people feel ails them.
****** 8:04 pm
Clash of civilizations territory?
Rimbaud971 8:05 pm
Pretty much. Once real nations got past the bad parts of tribalism, it would have to be reinvented, so something can ride in that monkey parts of our brains.
I mean, the Germans and Poles know that there’s nothing to be gained by beating the shit out of each other, especially since there’s no real reason to anymore. They’re now discrete after the horrors of the previous century.
Rimbaud971 8:07 pm
Hence, memories must be conjured of a semi-mythical Christendom where noble European aristocrats rode forth to battle the dusky hordes of Saladin.
Or whatever fool notion people get their heads around.
Rimbaud971 8:11 pm
I would rather people learn their own history. Talk to Grandma instead of a bunch of internet blowhards. You’ll find far more meaning in that family lore than any fool ideology.
Hmmm, you mind if I post this dialogue to my blog?
***** 8:12 pm
Do it.
What’s your URL?
Rimbaud971 8:12 pm
I’ll edit out the non-related personal stuff.
Rimbaud971 8:13 pm
Hmm, where do you think is a good starting point?
***** 8:14 pm
Reconciliation with roots?