Today while digging through digital records, I came across this image in a book called “The Saga of the Sandwich Islands” published in 1968:

Sorry for the image quality. Note that this guy was working a town with a population of 45,000 at the time. Still, the peacocking, the trophy hunting, the platitudes. Not much has changed in a hundred years, has it? Looking at some of those pictures, some were Nines, and the one in the in the big frame over the door is a 10. Still, in a book overflowing with other white guys in turn of the century Hawaii, who have streets, businesses, social institutions and descendants with their names on them (though if often the target of current Hawaiian anger), what does Chester have for his endevours? A smarmily captioned page in a giant out-of-print book of photos. Here is the fate of all seduction artists not named Giacomo Casanova. One hopes Chester was okay with that.