Just got more into music. I acquired some harmonicas on a whim and am now trying to teach myself how to play them, as well as bought an electric ukulele with effects amp to change things up a bit. I’m currently thinking of a third instrument, either a theremin or lap steel guitar and stopping there for awhile to get myself competent in multiple instruments.

I’ve also started auditioning for starter bands. I’m nowhere near good enough yet, but hey, aim high, yeah? Plus it’ll get me out and to clubs, where I can practice my Game skills (recognizing that my main problem is even showing up to play, as I have zero fear once there, it’s just I find it tough to find other people more interesting than my own ideas, and thus will choose them over the chance of getting bored talking to strangers).

Right now my main thing is building up discipline and a routine. Time is probably the most valuable asset there is, and I squander far too much of it. I dug up a daily planner and hope to start using it right. My number one biggest time sink is the net (followed by work. Ha!). I’ve weened myself off following a shit ton of blogs, but now facebook and humor sites seem to eat up 2-3 hours better spent elsewhere.

I figure instead of assing around on the net at work, I can do simple isometric exercises, and get away with it, as well as read an instructional book during my extended lunch break.

You see, I’ve started taking Hawaiian but realized that my Japanese was withering and my Spanish is basically half-gone and I need to get those two back up to speed, hence me busting out the textbooks again. Also I’m going to start a music theory and sight reading home course within the next two months, in order to get to the goal of simple songwriting/composition.

With all this going down, I’ve had to cut back on writing and reading fiction and trying to improve my Go game. Hopefully neither will be permanent, but as it is, I need to get fit. Looking into the research it seems that I’m losing peak acuity from being out of shape, not to mention will tire easily from  performing music. Shouldn’t be too hard to fit in a 20-30 daily workout routine.

Increments, though, and having to stick to it is key.