Success rate at this moment is still not at 50%, much less 25%, but currently working my way up.

As of now:

Musical practice and study: 1-2 hours everyday. Expanding into basic musical theory once lesson material arrives.

Writing: Trying for an hour a day. Usually only 15 minutes to half an hour, music tends to be more engrossing.

Language study: Acquisition of Hawaiian coming along well, as it meshes with the music. Maintaining the Japanese, not so much. Lack of speaking practice is starting to get to me. Spanish holds steady at “Wouldn’t die of starvation or wander into a barrio if alone in Peru, but useless for anything else other than reading Jose Marti.”

Reading: Trying as of yet to find time during weekdays. 3-4 hours during weekends. Mostly towards fiction end, trying to work in more science.

Exercise: Uh… How the fuck do I fit that in? Seriously, anyone got any ideas?

Game/Socializing: Uhhhhh… Fuck I really need to figure out where people are! Well, I actually know where they are, it’s just I can’t there from here. Goddamn my work for being out in the shit end of nowhere. It would take nearly an hour to get to town even if my car could take the traffic there. I have all the fucking theory in my head, from Style to Roosh to Dale freaking Carnegie. I just need to go someplace to use it!

Still trying to figure out a visual art to get around to developing, though I’m leaning on going back to photography. Also dusting off my Go books for the chance at getting “game” practice of another sort.

Trying to work on yourself is really a freaking pain in the ass, but it’s fucking fun at least. Just need to organize my time better.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a decent enough analysis post on Game, political philosophy and 19th Century Russian Lit. That’s if I have enough time.