I’ve decided to strike Roissy off the blogroll.

It seems he’s run out of interesting things to say, and instead has decided to let other guys run with the ball he helped start rolling.

Instead of a provocative in-your-face take on the battle of sexes new front of  “Attraction Theory” (my own coinage due to “Game Theory” already being taken, and “pick up artistry” having limited connotations), he seems to be content in creating this section of the blog world’s first entry in the Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Guys like Ferdy, Obsidian, Dave from Hawaii, the roster at the spearhead and all the rest are taking it new, exciting and controversial places, whereas Roissy seems content to post more and more outrageous things with little new thoughts underneath the abattoir of conventional morality that his postings has always been. While I would never agree with his approach as being the ideal one, it held the fascination of a car wreck for me, a car wreck from which didactic principles could be extracted, perhaps necessary in the way Zen monks rely on sudden blows from the sticks of the their master to dispel the illusions they’ve accumulated through time and to keep them ever mindful of the immediate truth that surrounds them. Not positive, very painful, but shocking in it’s necessity in pointing towards a truth beyond it.

Somewhere along the line, however, it started receding in Roissy’s posts, the calculated outrage aimed more at the wallowing manatees of our society than the fearful tigers, the caustic behavior towards those that dared brook even the smallest dissent (I was the target of that, about a year ago for daring to not be dead serious about his constructed persona) the petty feuds and self-aggrandizing stories with tacked-on ill-thought out principles of attraction at the end.

And now a pissing match, a race to the bottom with someone who has a lot less to lose in it. Egged on by the faceless cheering masses who supply him with an unquestioning adulation that he needs, while the rest of the guys who he was the partial intellectual father of, look on and shake their heads and cluck their tongues.

Posting the picture of LR’s purported house was the straw that broke this camel’s back. It’s not about being the better man or some such bullshit that he probably doesn’t believe in (I do, however). It’s not entertaining, it’s not illuminating, it doesn’t raise questions, or even shock anymore.

Dude, it’s just sad.

Even if he himself can’t move on from his personal beefs and his need for dittoheads, I would like to see the rest of this particular movement, be able to move on from him, barring a return to form for him.

Ain’t no need to apologize for your intellectual predecessors, people. You got your own words to say now, and I want to hear ’em, debate ’em, disagree with ’em, and agree with ’em as behooves.