Yeah, I know, but I gotta try, right?

Anyways, November is Nanowrimo, and I’ll be giving it a shot again. I’m putting up two choices for those who are interested to vote on. The winner is the one I’m gonna try to write.

1. A loosely linked series of stories set in modern Japan, the locus being a nondescript milquetoast salariman.

2. A cloak and dagger spy story set in an alternate history Hawaii. Oh, and the protagonist is a suicidal interdimensional drug case.

And here’s your niblets.

“Johan was happy when he heard Alf was coming back. His surprised terror was mitigated by learning Zombie Alf Landon feasted solely on Barbeque flavored Sunflower seeds.”

Sometimes I think I woulda been better off as a cartoonist, you really need to see the picture in my head to get the funny.
“Everyone was surprised when the Nomiburger chain took off. Who know a Klaus Nomi themed fast-food chain would succeed? The owners credited the drink and dessert bar.”

“You know what Bismarck said about how laws are made? Well, publishing books is also like making sausages. You really don’t want to know how they’re made, cause they’re not just any sausages. They’re the freaking chorizos you… get at the 99 cent store with the Tagalong label.”