Tomorrow I’m doing yardwork at my grandparents, then hitting the Portuguese Festa. Bacalao. Yum.

Love doing yard work. This case will be removing masses of maile pilau (think a woody flowery smelling kudzu) off a hillside chain link fence and then digging up a dead ornamental. Nothing like wielding a machete and pickaxe under a subtropical sun, then unwinding with some Douro wine and Fado in the evening, don’t you think?

Going to be hitting the storage unit sometime soon. Maybe next Sunday. There’s some books I need there. Also thinking of some other things too. More on that later as I find out more.

Paring down on the net time and getting rid of the TV is already reaping benefits. Just need to get more organized. More space and a more reliable care would help too, but first I need to work on the basics. But now, sleep, as induced by an anti-energy drink.

I’m thinking of whipping up a non sugary concoction that has much of the same effect, and then some. I’d really need to find quality sources for herbs. Most places are hit and miss.