Well, I was going to write a whole bunch of stuff about it being my last night in Japan, but I’m too drunk and have a rip-roaring headache, which in retrospect is an appropriate coda to my time here.

Some highlights of the last few days:

Eating Fugu and getting a numb throat off of it

Eating turtle

Advising an Indian emigre about Japanese women, leaving him with Roosh’s book (I can get another).

Being possessed by the Fox spirits at Fushimi Inari Jinja (long story).

Getting lost in the pouring rain in the Japanese countryside.

Checking out a girl’s panty lines and not realizing it was a high schooler until a passerby said “Sukebe Gaijin.” (Hey, I didn’t see her face until she turned around!)

Enjoying a Cuban cigar over Gin and Tonics after a delicious meal in a restaurant. (Guess what things I’ll miss most).

Singing the Soranbushi while drunk at my going away party, then using a female voice impersonation, all while a cigarette hangs from my mouth.

Buying a 350 dollar tobacco pipe.

Getting bottles of expensive booze from male students as a going away present and drawings and flowers from a female student.