So for this installment I was going to post a huge bunch of pics of WWII winter field uniforms, including Finnish troops from the Winter War and side by side pics of German and Soviet units. Why? To show that Aggie from is full of shit in his most recent post, as he usually is.

I did this for all of five to ten drunken minutes, saving about 20 pics in the process, when it hit me. Why fucking waste my time? It would do nothing at all, and prove what anyone who has the temerity to crack a history book a couple of times in his life would already know. I then headed to youtube to watch some fun and silly videos with music I like.

I suppose I should do a post on Twee, but the hipsters have already done all that pointless taxonomic work for me already. I’d prefer just to give you a bunch of videos to enjoy. Have fun!

Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Tullycraft!

A wonderfully Lo-Fi cover of “Cast a Shadow” by The Beat Happening. A cover band of kids playing in garage.

Here’s a recording of Eux Autres. Indie Pop influenced by the Ye-Ye stylings of Gainsbourg and Francois Hardy. It’s a fairly poor video of them playing in a club. The CD really shows off how gorgeous and lush the singer’s voice is.

Finally, the coolest synth-pop girl-band to get their name from a Pee-Wee Herman movie. Wait, they’re the only ones to get their name from a Pee-Wee Herman movie. Well, they’re still cool.

That’s all for tonight. I got lots more, but they’ll have to wait for other times. Seeya.