Ah, the sounds of the shamisen….

Soon to come, posts on politics… but now…

Well, last.fm doesn’t have a large selection of Enka and Japanese Folk, mores the pity. I’ve drank a large amount of Miya no Yuki, the premiere sake of Mie prefecture, the place where I make my residence here in Japan. It’s quite good. Dry, yet with a sweet finish, and with a nose full of fruit and flowers. I’m quite grateful for my clients in recommending it. I’m perhaps a little too in my cups right now, smoking my kiseru and reflecting on the rainy night here in Japan.

Life is bittersweet, the mixture of all the difficult and nice things, as it always is. By my intentions I hope I’m not annoying my neighbors right now. It’s late and most of them work tomorrow morn, but not myself. Writing in itself is liberating. If only the walls weren’t so thin, so I could exclaim the passages as they come out, as is my wont.

So, I think now of what things I should write to an audience that would care. Posts on my academic experience, posts on the immigrant population here in my town,  posts on my choices in voting. All will come with time. Motivation is the key. It’s a small world today, as I read and looked in random niches around me. I want to embrace all things in one body. In a world where Romantics are dead I want to make a new sound. Tomorrow, the failures of the past are not impediments. One’s voice is only as loud as one’s will. So says I on yet another drunk night, the gaijin salariman, holding his own lantern like Diogenes, smirking, inwardly laughing at his own foolishness and pretense.