Some of you might be wondering about my text and photo silence upon arrival in Japan. It’s been a full month and nary a thing posted at all. Well, the main reason for that is threefold. The primary reason is that my job expects me to work like a native Japanese person. After putting in a ten hour day and biking five miles to and from work, my mental and physical juices are somewhat depleted. I’ll detail more about the work culture here later, let’s just say Asian productivity is based in some sound practices that involve micromanagement of time and peer pressure. I’d actually like to start with the plane ride and go from there, (purged of all details that could cause me trouble, of course). I’m going to try to eke it all out, perhaps with photos. My secondary reason is that I didn’t want to start make pronouncements right off the plane, only to have to eat my words later. As it is, I live in a somewhat unique place for Japan, I can’t say that my experience is going to be much like your average overseas worker here. So much the better, in certain respects. The third reason is simply… well, I’m lazy as fuck. When combined with tiredness, it’s just easier to read gnxp or fistfulofeuros, shoot off some brainfarts and watch Classic Dr. Who online or listen to twee or Satie when I get home than to think of something meaningful to write. Not that my days off are much better. Imagine if you will being 90% illiterate and attempting to do things like use strange appliances and shop for necessities. I really don’t know how people with absolutely no Japanese get by here, but then I’m the kind of person who has to know what everything is and does. I probably expend more energy doing the translating rather than just jumping right in, which most other seem to do without hesitation. Shigata ga nai.

Well, next up, the plane ride and immediate aftermath.