This is the not-blog of Spike, created for the express purpose of talking about whatever enters his addled brain.

Why a “not-blog”? While I like the idea of a blog, I’m not fond of the implementation, with it’s obligation to regularly update and provide a narrow program of material to an audience that tends like all large groups to sink to the lowest common denominator. There’s nothing more dull than the empty sound and fury of people who sincerely care about what they believe and take every opportunity to say so. The only way to make it remotely interesting is to poke them with sticks, which may or may not be a moral obligation.

As such, I’ll post when it moves me and whatever comes to mind. More as it comes.

So to those who’ve known me for years, those who know me semi-anonymously from blog comments, and those strangers who wander in via other ways, I bid you a hale and hearty welcome. The only rule is don’t take anything seriously.